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Logistique e-commerce connectée

To meet the expectations of online sellers, our data processing system, to which you have access through a secure account, allows you to be permanently connected to your stock and picking orders, to give you full control over your activity and sales promotions. Your life is simplified by interconnection with your own systems, removing the need for multiple systems.


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Your purchases made easy with the right stock levels.

  • Procurement and purchasing management
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Re-stocking management
  • Purchase price management
  • Supplier order management with status and balance

You tell us your priorities directly from the WMS.

  • Delivery scheduling, remainder management
  • Order management: prioritisation, stock reduction, clearances, re-shipment, creation, piggyback mailing, gift wrapping, loyalty card, etc.
  • Integration of Excel/specific formats
  • Internal messaging system
  • Configuration of return circuits: WEEE, discounters, supplier After-Sales Service, …

You have a precise system to serve your customers.

  • Tracking of deliveries, carrier/supplier disputes
  • Visibility to stock levels, values, stock shortages, stock-taking
  • Tracking of order picking and lead times
  • Tracking of shipments and delivery times
  • KPI

You have a flexible system for issuing documents.

  • Customer relations module
  • Personalised/specific delivery notes by sales channel
  • Multilingual delivery notes
  • Non-delivery prediction (wrong address, closed pick-up point, etc.)
  • Customer reminder for pending parcel
  • Anticipation of carrier disputes
  • Tracking logistics handling of a return: content and status, reasons and preferences, not known at this address
  • Commercial tracking of the return, customer dispute

A complete range of tools to analyse, anticipate and control your activity.

  • Product alerts, stock, procurements, orders, returns…
  • E-mail notifications
  • Statistics
  • Excel exports

You and your teams can easily use EffiTrace.

  • Specific access and user groups
  • Specific permissions
  • Connection to your infrastructure
  • Flow scheduler/planner/supervisor, e-mail notification, escalation, Effisys technical support

Warehouse accessible online

Using secure web access, you will have access to our logistics platform for full control of your routine operations, from wherever you are. Procurement, operations on orders, handling returns… all functions are directly accessible.

Multi-platform systems

Whether you use Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, OSCommerce or another e-commerce CMS, our EffiTrace software solution connects natively to most platforms on the market. Installing and configuring a simple plugin is enough to interconnect your online shop with your outsourced stock.

Automation of flows

The wealth of features and flexibility of our data processing system will allow the processes to be fully adapted to your needs. No need to make concessions. Whether you have to track expiry dates and manage serial numbers, or if you only sell on market-places, we will be able to offer you the right solution. Our working principle is to automate exchanges between your infrastructure and our WMS as far as possible. Like that, no more need to make tedious imports.

All features


By means of its SaaS ASP architecture, our WMS EffiTrace system offers you the option of having procurements for your warehouse entered by your administrator or supplier by EDI. This feature makes it possible to schedule the arrival of trucks at loading bays by fixing appointments. Inputting procurements is currently long and tedious, it will become rapid and simple.

Automatic re-stocking

EffiTrace also manages automatic re-stocking based on an alert limit or the seasonal nature of sales. It makes supplier orders easier for you, they’re already prepared. Never again will you lose a sale by running out of stock!

Receipt of goods

Receipt management handles all incoming stock functions: whether or no receipts are scheduled. When the truck arrives, data can be input as a priority by EDI, using the procurement form in the software, by barcode or manually… This feature makes it possible to check the quantity and quality of the goods and even score the carrier’s service.


This WMS fully manages your traceability, whether by batch, serial number, expiry date or unique code (SSCC). In this way it is possible to know the history of each item and to conduct quality surveys.

Stock entry with addressing

This module defines the warehouse stock policy. It enables mixed pallets to be handled. Each location receives an address used to optimise the storage of items. The solution covers multiple sites and multiple warehouses. EffiTrace creates a list of locations for an item and suggests stock entry based on configured criteria such as the primary location for the item, grouping by item type, details about the item (heavy, fragile, bulky) or completely empty locations. Items can be put in stock by automatic or manual addressing and is used to reserve a location for an item type. You’ll save space and time.

Stock query

This function enables you or your customer to query stock status in real time. Multi-criterion searches are used (by item description, owner, location, batch no., etc.). All these queries are intuitive and fast. EffiTrace also manages movements within and between warehouses for the logistics service.


EffiTrace performs general stock-taking and rotating stock-taking. These can be done by location and/or by activity (item, batch, product family, owner, expiry date, etc.). During physical stock-taking, the adjustment function confirms the physical quantity entered compared to the theoretical quantity in stock at this location and requests an immediate check in the event of a discrepancy. The change is immediate and saves valuable time. Finally, EffiTrace can value the stock using the FIFO, LIFO, PUMP or standard price method.

Product catalogue

EffiTrace allows you to manage your stock references in great detail, deriving statistics from them by reference, and greater productivity when picking orders. A reference is linked to a photograph, a description and a reference code, but can be supplemented with storage, shipping or packaging information, a parts list, sales batch, product family and supplier reference numbers. Just imagine the marketing statistics you can produce by controlled all this information!

Scheduling of order picking

Our stock management software is fully adapted to your procedures. You choose the policy for prioritising orders. EffiTrace optimises human movements, using wave picking. Finally, you can simply configure a picking zone.

Order picking

Our warehouse management solution makes it possible for one or more operators simultaneously to pick one or more orders before shipping. Stock is checked by the software, which determines if the order can be delivered in full or partially and suggests re-stocking missing items.

Order tracking by your customer

This WMS can notify the internet user automatically every time their order status changes (order being prepared, order pending, order shipped). The internet user is kept informed either by e-mail or by viewing their customer account on your website. In this way you save valuable time; this feature is also vital for reassuring the customer and to explain why their order is delayed if necessary. This is the key to customer satisfaction.


Our e-commerce logistics solution manages packaging. Our e-logistics software automates your order-pickers tasks by showing the number of parcels to be prepared and by suggesting the more efficient type of packaging. It is also possible to personalise parcels if requested by the customer.

Re-stocking of picking

This feature allows stock shortages to be anticipated in the picking zone, so as to avoid a fall in productivity. Retail picking locations are restocked based on a minimum quantity.

Dashboard and statistics

EffiTrace is a powerful analytical and collaborative management tool > For your purchasing manager, who will be able to analyse stock shortages or have measurable data on the quality of your suppliers and carriers. > For your marketing director, who wants to study product turnover, perform segmentation analyses, study order history by customer and trigger sales for products with low turnover. > For your e-commerce logistics manager, this WMS is not just a means for him to report to senior management but also a means of managing his teams with measurable and reliable data such as lead times, volumes and the number of alerts handled. Your dashboards offer huge possibilities and allow you to manage your business efficiently. We create these tools as required, because the must be perfectly adapted to have any meaning. Using this tool, you will be able to start a real improvement process in your warehouse and monitor quality and service indicators negotiated with your customers.


After picking orders, EffiTrace automatically manages shipments by exporting information to the software that prints shipping notes (Coliposte, Chronopost, other carriers). This module includes check-weighing before dispatch. No repeat data input, more productivity.


With all our experience, developing returns management software for 3 Suisses, we have developed real expertise in this field. After registering a complaint, the internet user will be notified automatically by e-mail about the management of their return. In this way, you will achieve the best quality and customer satisfaction, giving your e-logistics management system unrivalled excellence.

Optimised stock entry

Truly professional stock management software, EffiTrace will offer you optimised stock entry based on the size of your pallet, item turnover (ABC method), grouping by reference or reference family, and by expiry date.

Management of items in transit and cross docking

EffiTrace can record goods entering at the same as they exit for items in transit. In addition, when order picking, the stock management software first searches for references in the list of items being received, to avoid any unnecessary handling.

Outgoing flow information

This e-Commerce WMS allows many different imports/exports with other applications. It handles EDI messages, ERP updates and exports in CSV or XML formats. This is a bespoke module.