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For your commercial operations

Do you have a distribution network or several points of sale and wish to run them? Euroservices Partner takes care of your marketing logistics through the management and distribution of your advertising material needed to animate your sales networks.

On your behalf, we stock your POS advertising, goodies, banners and other promotional items, and ship them either to your own networks or to end customers, in France or internationally.
We also carry out specific operations for you, to personalise letters, stuff envelopes and distribute letters, kitting and co-packing.
Finally, you have access to our logistics extranet for full control over your operations: view stock levels in real time, track shipments, low stock alerts, shipment scheduling, etc.

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  • You benefit from the know-how of an expert in marketing logistics
  • You benefit from the flexibility and responsiveness of a logistics partner to handle your peaks of activity within a controlled timeframe.
  • You carry out complex POS assembly and distribution operations
  • You can easily manage your operations from our intuitive tooluis notre outil intuitif

Our logistics services

Incoming goods

Quantity and quality are checked for each incoming goods delivery. Discrepancies are reported directly to you through the administration system.


Your products are put into stock and addressed so that you always have a clear view of the number of products available in different stock locations.


We pick orders based on the specification we have defined jointly (FIFO, LIFO, etc.). We can also report the order status automatically to your website (being picked, pending, shipped, etc.).


We combine several separate or identical items in one package or one display unit to make up a new shipping unit. The flexibility offered by this last-minute differentiation optimises your costs.

Envelope stuffing

Letters, catalogues, flyers… We carry out all your operations to personalise letters and stuff envelopes for your addressed or unaddressed mailshots, ranging up to A4 format, including up to 6 different documents.


We frank your letters and ship your parcels in France and overseas, by standard or express mail. You can also benefit from our special knowledge of the German market at very competitive prices.


Responsiveness at the centre of your marketing plans

The success of a marketing campaign lies in the ability of a brand to rapidly and simultaneously deploy its points of sale or with its customers or distributors.

Euroservices Partner will be able to support you in these challenges by very rapidly mobilising its teams to perform all the operations to assemble POS advertising, create kits, distribute catalogues or samples and shipping, of course.


Trust us to put your letters in envelopes

To support our customers’ growth in their direct marketing campaigns, we offer a new envelope stuffing service for your letters and catalogues.

  • Management of all envelope formats up to C4 size
  • Insertion of up to 50 A4 sheets in a C4 envelope
  • 2-fold, 3-fold, z-fold, double parallel fold, no fold up to 8 A4 sheets
  • Insertion of up to 6 different documents
  • Yield up to 4000 plies per hour

Design and creation of your extranet

Do you need to set up an extranet giving access your customers, suppliers, partners, subsidiaries or salespeople access to a catalogue of resources available to order? With our e-commerce experience, we support you in the technical implementation of this system to make the process easier for you.

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