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Nous sommes votre voix !

Euroservices Partner vous accompagne avec des services complémentaires à la logistique avec des prestations telles que le service client, call-center, ADV ou gestion du SAV.

Particularly suitable for overseas businesses wishing to establish themselves in France without forming a special company, we can manage your customer relations through our teams specially trained on your products or services. We handle incoming calls, e-mails, letters, faxes, social media, etc. and can enter your orders directly into your sales management system.
We can provide you local representation by domiciling your business in our premises and by creating a local shop-window site.
Finally, our expertise in managing returns enables us to handle your disputes directly and even to take goods back from your customers.

Together, let’s win!

  • Vous bénéficiez rapidement d’une représentation commerciale en France
  • Vous maitrisez les coûts de votre service client
  • Vous simplifiez vos démarches RH en externalisant les ressources nécessaires
  • Vous profitez de l’expertise d’un partenaire acquise depuis plus de 20 ans

Our related services

Incoming contacts

Telephone calls, e-mails, social media, letters, faxes, etc., we handle all incoming requests and transcribe them into your management systems.

Outgoing contacts

Requalifying a database, confirming appointments and sending out e-mail campaigns are just some of the activities we handle on your behalf.


We organise handling of customer complaints within jointly agreed timescales and follow up returns in line with your specification.


We can perform an initial appraisal before returning items to your distribution circuit. We can also make simple repairs to your products.


We can carry out operations to personalise your products or configure equipment so as to adapt your products to each customer’s requirements and specific needs.


If you need a local address, .fr website or local telephone number to reassure your customers, you can host your activity in our premises to benefit from having a local business.

Suivi des retours

Complaints and refunds

Our customer service staff are accustomed to handling customer complaints. Whether by telephone, e-mail or live chat, they will give rapid responses based on jointly defined standards.
They can also process refunds.


Your commercial strategy partner

Consistent with your commercial strategy, we perform sales development activities such as cross-selling or upselling.

We can also carry out targeted prospecting or e-mailing campaigns.

Simple & rapide

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