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Integrated multi-channel solutions

Euroservices Partner takes care of the management of your e-commerce logistics within the framework of the operation of your online shop. You will thus be able to concentrate on your high added value priorities.

The success of your e-commerce site lies mainly in your ability to honour your delivery commitments. Your customers’ satisfaction only begins when their order arrives on time.
With real experience in e-commerce logistics, as a logistics service and as an e-merchant, Euroservices Partner will be able to offer bespoke solutions to suit your business.

on the Essentials

  • You concentrate your efforts on your high value-added activities
  • You benefit from the scalability and flexibility of your logistics partner to cope with your growth peaks or changes in your specifications.
  • You can easily connect your ecommerce CMS to our logistics ERP, without any further development.
  • You save on your shipping costs thanks to the pooling of our contracts with numerous carriers.

Our logistics services


Using a tool that predicts stock turnover, you’ll be able to anticipate all stock shortages. Your products will always be available for sale.

Incoming goods

Quantity and quality are checked for each incoming goods delivery. Discrepancies are reported directly to you through the administration system.


Your products are put into stock and addressed so that you always have a clear view of the number of products available in different stock locations.


Whatever the item reference, stock location or warehouse, all stock-taking operations are listed and documented to provide detailed tracking of any stock discrepancies. This will immediately update the stock available for sale in your store.


We pick orders based on the specification we have defined jointly (FIFO, LIFO, etc.). We can also report the order status automatically to your website (being picked, pending, shipped, etc.).

Late cut-off

Your daytime orders are shipped on the same day. We guarantee to ship all your orders placed before 3 pm.


From taking an order to shipping it, you can track every step of picking and know which operator worked on it. Once shipped, the tracking number is fed back automatically.

Gift wrapping

Whether it’s Christmas or a special occasion, it’s always nice to receive not just a parcel but a present! So we can wrap products in gift-wrap before putting them in cardboard packaging.

Returns management

Managing returns is an important step in establishing high quality customer service. From receipt of a return, we notify you so you can take appropriate measures (reship, refund, return to stock, etc.)


Integration of market-leading solutions

The agility and flexibility of our technology allows us to interface very easily with the majority of ecommerce CMS on the market. A simple plugin is enough.

We integrate your logistics flow easily, whether you sell on Amazon and other marketplaces or your site driven by Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento.

Integration from your ERP system is done using simple EDI exchanges.

Finally, for simpler architectures, integrate your orders using XLS or CSV imports.

Our WMS functionnalities

Save money on your deliveries!

The pooling of our transport contracts allows you to benefit from the best prices for your shipments.

By entrusting your logistics to Euroservices Partner, you save money on your shipments. We share our contract to ensure you benefit from the best prices from our carriers.
We work with the major carriers to deliver your parcels direct to your customers or to pick-up points.
Do you want to keep your own transport contract? No problem! We incorporate your own contracts in our solution.

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