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Tailor-made solutions

Since 1997, our company has been recognised for its expertise in industrial logistics and packaging services for industry: kitting, co-packing, bagging of components.

Through its parent company Eurofulfill, Euroservices Partner has developed more than 20 years real experience in packaging and kitting for industry, particularly the automobile industry.
The flexibility of our resources and our teams’ expertise enable us to wrap and package more than 17 million items every year.
Our extensive range of packaging services means we can meet your requirements for contract wrapping and packaging, for one-off or recurring operations, in large or small production runs.

Why choose us?

To reduce your stock-holding, especially stocks of intermediate products.

To simplify your procurement flows and stock management.

To carry out complex packaging and labelling operations.

To benefit from the flexibility and responsiveness of a logistics partner to handle your business peaks within controlled deadlines.

Our logistics services

Boxing/Gift sets/Displays
Envelope stuffing
Quality control
Stock management
Order picking

Specialist in kitting
and co-packing

Kitting and co-packing activities are our core expertise. We know how to handle the most complex requests with the best compliance rates. Every year we assembly nearly 17 million kits for the automobile industry.

Our flexible organisation and high level of responsiveness enable us to handle significant fluctuations in demand within extremely short lead times.


Delegate your quality checks

Our expertise in industrial logistics means we can offer recurring or one-off quality control services. Quantity or quality checks, sampling checks, documentary compliance checks, mechanical measurements… These are just some of the services we offer.

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