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Euroservices Partner a été créé avec la volonté de proposer aux acteurs de l’e-commerce une solution logistique à leur image, flexible et innovante.

Our many years of experience in all e-commerce business sectors today enables us to offer a 100% bespoke response. From creating a website to optimising logistics, we understand your issues and will be able to offer you a response to meet your requirements. The flexibility or our organisation can handle all your needs, from premium shipment to standardised parcel delivery. Euroservices Partner is a family business where values of friendliness, simplicity and efficiency are real drivers. Every day we are committed to offering our customers the latest innovations.

Our Vision


We’re convinced that the success of a website is based on a multitude of details: SEO, animation, product mix, transport cost strategy, logistics, etc. We have in-house control over the whole value chain inasmuch as we operate out own merchant site. This means we can speak your language and understand your concerns. Our aim is to provide you a bespoke service to support you on your path to growth.


Implantation idéale en Europe

Established since 1997 in northern Alsace, Euroservices Partner is located at the intersection of major business centres: Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Basel/Mulhouse and Brussels. This ideal geographical location facilitates exchanges throughout Europe. At a time of the internationalisation of exchanges and market globalisation, controlling flows is an indisputable source of differentiation and competitive advantage.


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Notre histoire

Since 1997, our business has continually supported its customers by bringing new solutions well beyond a simple logistics service.

Creation of the Eurofulfill business

The Eurofulfill business was founded by Francis and Sylvie Starck.

Construction of our first warehouse

Being cramped in leased premises, we built our first warehouse of 5,500 m2.

Launch of the Call-centre activity

At the request of several international customers, we developed a call centre to take calls from French-speaking customers.

Start of the automobile kitting activity

We supported the Schaeffler group, component manufacturer to the automobile industry, in a new kitting service for the aftermarket division.

Acquisition of additional storage area

To support the boom in our kitting business, we acquired a surface area of 1,200 m2 in the immediate vicinity of our main warehouse.

Creation of the Euroservices Partner business

We founded the Euroservices Partner business to separate our industrial logistics activities and our future e-commerce logistics activities.

Creation and launch of our own e-commerce site

With the aim of understanding our future e-merchant customers, we ourselves became an e-merchant by creating our own e-commerce site.

Start of e-commerce logistics activities

After having developed and refined our in-house e-commerce processes, we opened the commercial operation of this service to everyone.

Construction of a new warehouse dedicated to e-commerce logistics

We unveiled a new 2,200 m2 warehouse dedicated to our e-commerce logistics activities.

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