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Euroservices Partner was created with the aim of offering e-commerce players a flexible and innovative logistics solution that reflects their image.

Our many years of experience in all sectors of e-commerce today allow us to provide you with a 100% tailor-made answer. From website creation to logistics optimization, we understand your problems and will be able to offer you a response that meets your requirements.

The flexibility of our structure will handle all your requests, from premium shipping to standardized packages.

Euroservices Partner is a family-owned company for which the values of friendliness, simplicity and efficiency are real drivers. We are committed to our customers on a daily basis to offer them the latest innovations.

Our vision


We are convinced that the success of a website is based on a multitude of details: SEO, animation, product mix, shipping cost strategy, logistics…
We control this entire value chain internally as we operate a merchant site in our own right. This allows us to speak your language and understand your concerns. Our goal is to provide you with a personalized service to accompany you on the paths of growth.


An ideal location in Europe

Established since 1997 in northern Alsace, Euroservices Partner is located at the intersection of major business hubs: Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Basel/Mulhouse and Brussels. This ideal geographical location facilitates trade throughout Europe. At a time of internationalization of trade and the globalization of markets, the control of flows is an indisputable source of differentiation and competitive advantages.


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Our history

Since 1997, our company has never ceased to provide new solutions in order to accompany its customers well beyond the simple logistics service.

Creation of Eurofulfill

Eurofulfill company is created by Francis and Sylvie Starck.

First warehouse

Cramped in a rented warehouse, we build our first warehouse of 5500m2.

Launch of call-center

At the request of several international customers, we have developed a call centre to cater to French-speaking customers.

Kitting activities for automotive industry

We are accompanying the Schaeffler Group, an automotive supplier, in a new kitting service for the aftermarket division.

Acquisition of additional storage space

In order to support the growth of our kitting business, we acquire an area of 1200m2 in the immediate vicinity of our main warehouse.

Creation of Euroservices Partner

We create the euroservices Partner company to split our industrial logistics activities and our future ecommerce logistics activities.

Creation and launch of our own ecommerce website

In order to understand our future ecommering customers, we become ecommering ourselves by creating our own ecommerce site.

Start of e-logistics activities

After developing and refining our ecommerce processes in-house, we open the marketing of this service to all.

New e-commerce warehouse

We are inaugurating a new 2200 m2 warehouse dedicated to our ecommerce logistics activities.

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